Gond Art : Your Vibes Attract Your Tribes

Why tribal arts never cease to charm us, even in the times when art has become a privilege to those who can spare some time, if they can, to think for themselves beyond earning his keep. The reason why indigenous arts get hold of our interests is that the native people or tribes have a kind of intimacy with Nature and its fauna & flora which we can merely pretend to have.

No matter how much we claim to be a naturalist, environmentalist or an artist but we can never level the degree of proximity Tribes and indigenous group share with their habitat. It is this proximity which is reflected their art & culture, there is nothing pretentious or copied in their art but they paint it with the same sublimity as they breath it everyday. Gond tribal art is one such kind of traditional art of Adivasi people of central India (Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and eastern Maharashtra). Gonds are the largest adivasi community of India belonging Dravidian race, the name comes from Kond meaning the Green Mountains.