Mysore Dasara: Mystery Behind Golden Throne

Mysore is one the historical cities of Karnataka which is indubitably a treat to the eyes of any tourist having some aesthetic sense. Mysore palace alone is enough to surfeit your appetite if you are seeking to draw pleasure from beauty and art. But we are talking specifically about the Golden throne which is readied and put to public admiration every year during Sharad Navratri as customary practice to celebrate the feted Mysore Dasara. It is dissembled and locked up in safe after the fest is over. This fine piece of craftsmanship, carved in fig-wood embellished with ivory plaques ,golden umbrella over main seat with steps leading to it can sure strike you with awe. There are engravings of slokas on the umbrella addressed to Wadiyars kings as “Lord of the earth”. No wonders that in 11th C kings had no compunctions in emulating themselves to almighty.